About Resort Wear Dresses



Before you buy a few resort wear dresses, you want to have an understanding of what resort wear is. Resort wear is a category of outfits that involves clothing that you would wear on cruises and to the beaches. Most resort wear outfits are bold colored, lightweight and have tropical influences. With resort wear dresses, you will see prints such as animal prints or floral prints. As for fabrics, cotton and linen are the most common for resort wear dresses.

Empire Waist Dresses

Empire waist dresses are a part of resort wear and empire waist dresses are long and comfortable to wear. If the theme of your cruise party is safari, you can buy a few empire waist dresses that have plant and animal print themes on them or you can wear tan, white or black empire waist dresses. You can also tie a scarf around the middle of the dress for extra flair.






Maxi Dresses

The maxi dress is also popular in resort wear and is similar to the empire waist dress. There are strapless and halter maxi dresses and the best shoes to wear with maxi dresses are flip flops, sandals and open-toe wedge shoes. Some women sport low heeled pumps with maxi dresses but this may not be the best choice for resort wear.

Get Bold With Color

When you put on resort wear dresses, you should not be afraid of color because bold colors are a part of this kind of clothing. Some good colors for resort wear dresses include yellow, turquoise, lime green, gold, hot pink, lavender, bright orange, red and white floral combinations. The same colors are also great for your nails and jewelry.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE