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3. Use alternative products. Eggs can surprisingly work as conditioners. The yolk is rich in proteins and fat that perfectly acts as a moisturizer while the white removes dirt and unwanted oils. Rinse your hair with lukewarm water after.

More Hair Care Advice

The type of the skin you have can affect your hair type. Dry skin may mean dry hair. Although there are products in the market to help keep your hair and beauty, most of them can do harm more than good.

• Make sure to take care of chemicals and heat specifically if you have dry hair.
• Hair straighteners or hair irons can cause serious damage to your hair if you use it frequently. Hair dryers and blowers can also cause damage if used on high heat. It is better to decrease the use of these devices to avoid damaging your hair.
• Hair colors, treatments, permanents, and relaxers have harsh chemicals that can strip the essential oils and keratin of your hair. Hair dyes, peroxides, and bleachers may not only harm your hair but also your scalp. It may cause severe itching or infection if you have sensitive skin. It may also cause split ends and brittleness to your hair. Be cautious in using these products and ask for expert’s advice to keep your hair and beauty last longer.

• The sun’s heat can cause dryness to your hair and skin so you must be careful with it. Wear a hat or avoid staying under the sun for too long without any protection.
• Too much chlorine from swimming pools can also contribute to the problem. Wear a swim cap or saturate your hair with conditioner before swimming. There are shampoos designed to remove chlorine from the hair.

There are many causes and factors that make our hair and beauty at risk, but following these simple tips can help you start to combat them. Hence, natural solutions are still better and cost-effective compared to commercial products and methods.
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