What is acne and how to get rid of it?



Many suffer from pimple and acne problems, but not many know how to cope with them. In order to find a solution for this particular problem, it is essential to identify the reason behind these aesthetically unpleasant formations. There are the endogenous (internal) and exogenous (external) factors. As is known, exogenous factors include street dust, which carries a large number of microbes and contributes to the development of acne on unprotected skin.

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This dust blocks pores, and without cleansing your face, you will end up with the so-called blackheads. You should not touch your face with unclean hands; although this is only one of the many factors. Various microbes, such as staphylococci, streptococci and others, settle on the skin; under optimum conditions for them, such as low skin defense, they assert themselves and cause the development of acne and pustules. But exogenous factors aren’t the major reason for the formation of such obtrusive blackheads. What matters the most is the endogenous factors. Once different organ systems begin to malfunction, acne and pustules develop on various areas of the face.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE