Advantages and Disadvantages of Nail Art


The designs you often see today could even be an intricate embellished or a cool graphic pattern nail – your outfit is not complete unless you have some nail art to match. I am a person who loves being inspired by and looking at nail art, but I still tend to shy away from this trend. These are some of the manicure art pros and cons to backup my point.






1. You Can Get Creative With Your Nails

One of the best advantages of nail art is that there are several ways you can get creative with your nails using this art. Those who do not paint their nails would benefit from the cute nail decals and nail polish strips that you find at beauty supply stores at good prices. It is a way of expressing your individuality as a person.

2. You Reduce Chances of Avoiding Bad Practices With Nails

This is especially true if you wear acrylic nails with fabulous nail art on it. Because you want to maintain those beautiful nails, you will be less likely to bite on your nails, expose them to household chemicals and use these nails to open cans or other items.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE