All About Puffy Eyes


Puffy eyes is the swelling if the tissues surrounding the eyes. Generally, the condition is only a cosmetic concern with no serious health risk. However, persistent and severe puffiness could be an indication of the presence of a serious medical condition.

The Causes of Puffy Eyes

These are some of the factors responsible for puffy eyes:

  • Sleep deprivation or oversleeping
  • Mononucleosis – the puffiness occurs during the early stages of the infection
  • Diet – puffy eyes can be caused by excess salt
  • Fluid retention – Conditions like pregnancy and hormonal changes during menstruation make fluids to be retained, especially in the subcutaneous tissues. This then makes the eyes to swell up.







  • Allergies – Leaks in the subcutaneous capillary beds can cause allergic reactions, causing swelling around the eyes and in the face, including.
  • Alcohol and tobacco use – tobacco and alcohol contain toxins which can cause fatigue, stress and hormonal changes, all of which cause fluid retention and swelling around the eyes.
  • Skin disorders – in some cases, dermatitis or certain skin disorders can cause puffy eyes.
  • Normal aging – As you get older, the skin surrounding the eyes becomes thinner and is likely to droop or swell. Then, puffy eyes are caused by a generally permanent and gradual increase in the size of the suborbicularis oculi fat pad.
  • Crying also causes puffy eyes because the salt in tears retains fluid in the eye area.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE