All You Need To Know Before Investing In Canberra’s Real Estate



Any home seeker under the sun will tell you for a fact that getting a home in clean, secure city next to social and basic amenities is not an easy thing. It calls for persistence and of course, wide if not lengthy consultation with real estate experts in the city or rather neighborhood you wish to call home. Canberra is more or less such a city, only that she is much better than most of her competitors.


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Available opportunities

One thing you will notice as soon as you arrive in Canberra is the fact that the city is full of employment and investment opportunities. Most jobs in the city feature high wages a factor that explains why so many expatriates call Canberra home. It does not end at just the employment opportunities. Like you will find out, all homes Canberra offer more than just value for money. What’s more, they are all affordable. The only flaw you may have contended with is the fact that rent in Canberra is pretty much high compared to rent rates in other cities such as Sydney.

Real estate facts and figures

The recent economic recess hit Canberra as much as it hit other cities. That explains why the value of all Canberra homes dropped by as much as 3.5% over the past 3 months. It is simply a ripple or rather spillover effect that the city is still grappling with. That fact notwithstanding, Canberra’s real estate market is at the moment showing promising signs of a market that will soon be among the most lucrative in Australia. Things change for the better when it comes to investment properties. Why so? The city fares well, with more a rental yield that is above average. That is; 4.5% for all homes Canberra.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE