Autumn/Fall Makeup


What autumn/fall makeup should you have? If you don’t know, the autumn, also known as fall, is the temperate season marking the transition from summer into winter, in Northern Hemisphere (in the month of September) or Southern Hemisphere (in the month of March), when the night arrives noticeably earlier and there is a considerable cooling of the temperature.

The Autumn/Fall Makeup Preparation

Generally, life is hard for women who do not apply the right autumn/fall makeup because the body is not able to cope with the weather. While women try to maintain the high fashion standards, they are at the same time trying to take care of the body against any harsh condition.






But with bad decisions, the woman is often left embarrassed, not looking good for the events which matter most and looking good where nobody cares about the makeup the woman is wearing. If you don’t want to be in this situation, what should be the right autumn/fall makeup?

Pink Lips

One good makeup for the season is to wear pink lips because you would look natural but still have a good look. This is not the same as the neon pink of the 80’s, but blush pink, rose petal pink or coral pink.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE