Baking Rainbow Cakes In Easy, Simple Steps!


To begin, you would need two and a half cups of white granulated sugar, one cup of butter (softened), three eggs, one tablespoon of vanilla extract, one cup of buttermilk, and a quarter cup of heavy whipping cream. You would also need three cups of all purpose flour, a tablespoon of baking powder, a half teaspoon of salt, and food coloring in four different colors; red, yellow, blue and green. Be generous when mixing food colorings with the batter to ensure you get vibrant colors. To create the color orange and violet, you may need to mix several colors. On top of it, you also need to include twelve ounce of softened cream cheese, one and a half cups of softened butter (not melted), six cups of powdered sugar, and another tablespoon of vanilla extract as the ingredients.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE