Banish Dark Circles Under Your Eyes Forever


More than anything else, dark circles under your eyes make you look tired, stressed and unattractive. There are so many reasons for getting these dark circles: lack of sleep, late night partying, stress at work or illness. Instead of reaching for an expensive cream or serum with unpronounceable ingredients and a high price tag, why not try some of these home remedies that can not only reduce the appearance of dark circles when you have them, but also reduce the chance of getting them in the first place?

The following 10 tips can help eliminate those unsightly dark circles forever:

1 – Cucumber slices. This cool vegetable is commonly seen lying over the eyes of women at spots.






Not only does it have a high water content that suits but the nutrients can improve skin health itself. Since cucumber juice is astringent, more blood will flow into the areas around the eyes and help revitalize the area. You may also want to grate the cucumber and apply the juice with cotton balls.

Dark Circles
Dark Circles

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2 – Raw potato mash. Grated potato that is squeezed through a cloth yields the quantity of juice that has long been used to reduce the appearance of dark spots and under eye circles. It can be combined with cucumber prepared as above to create an even more powerful solution.

3 – Tomato paste. Do not reach for a can of what is commercially labeled tomato paste, but instead it make your own by blending a small tomato with lemon juice. This antioxidant rich mixture is known to lighten skin and help with not only dark circles under your eyes but wrinkles as well.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE