Bare Essentials Makeup Secrets for Every Fashionable Woman


Getting the glow back.]

a)  Every face is a fortune, a beach filled with sunshine and refreshing waters. The wrong hairstyles are like the rocks that keep the visitors away. Depending on the shape and complexion, one may have to tie up the hair, or lay it flat back to accentuate the eyebrows, use a fancy style to highlight the eyes or use colored ribbons to light up the face. Use rubber bands or clips to double up the hair but essentially these are the workhorses of the house. They come in handy when you do not have time to wash or have a proper brush.

b) Hair, nail and the skin have essential oils that you must replenish. Sun and dust lay waste the natural goodness and dirt seeps in the open pores of the skin. Regular washing with mild soap and use of moisturizers help immensely. Use skin creams with a natural base, chemicals are likely to cause more harm than actually help the cause.

Learning about the bare essential makeup techniques keeps the modern lady up to date with the trends. Avoid daily use Care for your hair Preserve your natural look….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE