Bare Essentials Makeup Secrets for Every Fashionable Woman


a)  Cosmetics are mostly artificial. They clog up the pores and keep the natural properties of the hair and nails concealed. Exposure to fresh air and natural skin toners like milk cream and gram flour paste helps to tighten the skin. Almond oil and baby creams will give the skin a perfect glow.

b) Nourishment for the hair begins with good food. Greens, milk, avocados, nuts, fish, eggs plenty of fruit and water are essential for good health and skin. It replenishes the nails and your hair begins to glow with the nutrients. Avoid letting the hair dry out too much. Massage the root of your hair, which is the scalp, daily to open the hair breathing space. It removes the dead scalp and dirt and provides space for oil and air to flow freely.

c)  Most of all, do not change the way you look, change the way you feel. These are bare essentials makeup techniques that let you revel in your own self. If you have prominent features or raised forehead, do not cover it up. Accentuate it and make it part of your personality. You may be creating a new fashion trend if you are bold and willing to go the extra mile.