Best 7 Essential Oils for Those Annoying Insects



During the warmer months, you will always have pesky bugs biting you everywhere, but there are essential oils that can be used to keep those insects away. It is a way which is much safer when trying to keep them away, instead of the use of harsh chemicals. In addition, some essential oils even smell good, based on my experience and that of my family members.

If you want to keep insects at bay, you should consider these essential oils:

  1. Break Out The Citronella Oil

Citronella oil is a main ingredient in insect repellent products and for good reasons.





It repels those annoying flies and mosquitoes quickly and you can put this oil inside a vaporizer and  place the vaporizer outside where a lot of insects roam and bite people.

  1. Lemon Oil

Lemon oil is great for keeping the flies and mosquitoes off your skin and to get the best  benefits of this oil, rub some of the oil on the areas of the skin that were infected by  mosquito bites. You can find lemon oil mostly at the natural health food store but you may  nalso find it at a few drugstores.