5 Best Bold Colors for Long Lasting Nail Polish



So you need to buy some more long lasting nail polish after you just threw out the old bottles of polish that you had for seven years but you are not sure which colors of polish are the best to purchase. When you purchase long lasting nail polish, you should purchase colors that correspond with the current season. Also consider your personality when looking for nail polish colors for your long lasting nail polish. Do not pick a nail polish for every outfit you have because it gets expensive to buy nail polish this way. Instead you should choose colors that would go well with what you wear on a regular basis. Here are some exciting nail polish colors for long lasting nail polish.

1. White Nail Polish

Most brides wear clear nail polish on their wedding day but if you want the flair in your nails as a bride, you should wear white nail polish because it complements your white gown and it also looks graceful on your nails. To make the white nails even more glamorous, you can paste nail decals on the nails.





2. All Shades of Green

Green is all the rage for the fall although green can also be worn in the spring and summer months. There is the dark green nail polish and then there is the lime green polish. Aside from green outfits, you can also sport this polish with white outfits and outfits with tropical colors such as yellow, orange and purple.

3. Purple

Purple is another exciting long lasting nail polish color that is good for all seasons and there are diverse shades of purple on the market and from different brands. If you want to add the wow factor to this color, you can add glitter to it or purchase purple crackle polish. Purple can be worn with just about any outfit and accessories.

4. Pink Nail Polishes

Pink nail polish can be worn during the spring, summer or fall and the shades of pink that exist are numerous. When you wear pink nail polish, you do not want to wear loud pink jewelry and other accessories along with an all pink outfit because this makes you look like a bubble gum bubble. Balance the pink polish with multicolored outfits and accessories that have hints of pink in them.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE