The Best Foods To Eat Before You Go To Bed



Almonds have magnesium as well as tryptophan, and this is why they are helpful in putting you to sleep at night. You can drink warm almond milk with whole grain almond cookies at least an hour before bedtime. Or you can just eat a small bowl of sliced almonds with honey and cinnamon.

Oatmeal and Bananas

If you have trouble sleeping, you should eat oatmeal with a few slices of bananas on top because they both have melatonin, which act as relaxants to your body in order that you may have a better rest during bedtime. Eat a small rather than a big bowl and substitute skim milk and raw sugar for white sugar and heavy cream with butter.

Do Not Drink Sodas, Alcoholic Beverages and Coffee at Night

The reason you do not want to drink these before bedtime is because all of these drinks have high levels of caffeine and caffeine is a stimulant that will keep you awake rather than at rest. You should stick to warm milk, herbal teas and water.


When you eat these foods at night, you will not have to take ineffective sleeping pills or watch movies late at night in order to get rest. In addition, all of these foods are good for your physical health overall and you just might lose weight and boost energy for the next day.