Best Makeup Brands


Clinique seems a bit old fashioned but they still make quality product. This is most evident in the skin care products they sell. If you are looking for a one stop shop for your skin care needs as well as your makeup desires, this is the place to go. You would be shocked at just how wonderful your skin will feel after a week with their lotions and cleaning products. If nothing else, you can pick up a few pieces to supplement your other makeup choices.

Urban Decay
Now this started out as a rather cheap brand that not many people though very much of and then it grew into a company that was all about quality. The mantra is that you can go punk without having to use crappy makeup. You can have all the fun and interesting looks and still have quality. Urban decay is a great choice if you like makeup that is beyond the ordinary and is still good for your skin.

These are just a sampling of some of the best makeup choices on the market. It is all about what you like, so taking a trip out to test a few different products is advisable before you commit. You never want to get yourself trapped in a corner, make sure you like something before you take it any further. It will ensure you have a long-lasting relationship with your makeup company and the products on the market.