The Best Ways to Burning Calories, Even While Sleeping



There is actually more than one way to burn calories while you sleep and here are a few of them. One such method is heavy weightlifting because it allows you to burn calories not only during the workout but also as you sleep. Here are other ways.

Use Your Body As Metabolism Boost






During the cold months, you want to sleep with the heater on low or even off because your body tends to burn more energy during the nighttime hours and burn calories in the process. When sleeping with the heater on low, stay warm and boost metabolism more by piling one or two heavy blankets on top of you.

Leave Those Refined Carbs Alone

While you may love to eat your favorite snack cookies while watching your favorite late night programs, this is not a good idea for weight loss. It is better to stop eating carbohydrates at least five to six hours before going to bed because when you eat less carbs at night, you burn more calories while sleeping.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE