Birthday Makeup and Hair Styles That You Should Consider for Your Special Day


A birthday is celebrated once a year, and this is why it is necessary to make the best birthday makeup and hair styles for that day. You don’t want to appear before friends, family and guests who would not even be able to distinguish you from the rest. The makeup and hairstyle you wear should be worth mentioning after the party.


The best birthday makeup and hair style should be preceded by a relaxing bath. After using mouthwash and brushing your teeth, your hair should be washed clean with conditioner and shampoo. For added shine, oil can also be applied on the hair for an hour before washing it.

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The Face
Your face will always be visible, and every attendee will assess you based on the way you look on the face. After having your bath, you need to start with skincare starting with the moisturizer all over the face, ensuring that your under eyes are well hydrated with a hydrating eye cream. Moisturizing the face is important because makeup on dry skin gets all flaky and hurts.
Before you apply any face products, the cream should be allowed to soak into the skin for between 10 and 15 minutes, while you move to the eyebrows and apply a powder. For the skin, you could use a mixture of Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation and Camouflage Cosmetics Foundation. You then set your concealer with your powder by packing on the loose powder underneath your eyes and other parts of your face. Leaving for about 10 minutes allows the sinking into the skin for a smooth finish without pores.

Birthday Makeup and Hair Styles
Birthday Makeup and Hair Styles

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Eyes and Lips
The right birthday makeup and hair style requires keeping the eyes fairly simple. A product such as MAC Paintpot ‘Soft Ochre’ could first be applied as a base, blending into the crease some Makeup Geek ‘Peach smoothie. An eyeliner can be smudged into the powder lash line, blending out with the MAC.
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