Body Makeup – 4 Important Things To Know



There are many uses for body makeup, whether it is for dress up, a night out or to cover a blemish or tattoo you have to consider the reason before you make your body makeup choice. You need to understand the basic need and what you expect from the makeup to get the best result possible. When you do the research you will find what you want to cover a tattoo is not the same as what you need for blemishes.

1. Tinting Correction
Tinting correction is a great option if you are looking to cover up blemishes on your legs or arms. Often small discolorations start to happen as you age.






The “self-tanning” color correcting lotions are often all you need to smooth out the appearance of your skin and make it look young again. Always consider humidifying at night as well. It is amazing how much of your skin discoloration is because of moisture loss.

2. Dermablend
This is the best makeup choice when you are looking to cover red spots and dark things like tattoos. The tinting in the makeup is meant to match your skin tone and give you opaque covering. It is also very tacky so it lasts all day. It is the most complete coverage you will find. It is not great for your face as it tends to look thick. You can pull it off on other parts of your body because it is not what people stare at for long periods of time.