Boys Hair Styles from the 1950s



If you are a boy who loves all things 1950s, you can sport popular 1950s hairstyles that your grandfather used to wear when he was a teenager. You can ask your grandfather which hairstyles he liked the best as a kid and ask to see old Post to Post Links II error: No post found with slug "511" of him as a teen. Another idea is to look through old magazine archives from the 1950s and see what boys in that decade wore. Here are some ideas on how you can wear boys’ hair styles from the 1950s.

Bowl Cut

With this hairstyle, the barber placed a bowl over a boy’s head and then he would cut around it, leaving a neat haircut that had a touch of sophistication to it. Also with the bowl cut some little boys in the 50s also sported a slight feathered or cropped look with this hairstyle.






Pompadour Look

For teenage boys in the 1950s, the pompadour look was popular and this was done to imitate well known rock artists of that decade such as Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis, Little Richard and many doo-wop R&B groups of the day. This hairstyle involved plenty of grease and it was designed where a man’s hair was somewhat stacked near the top of his head.

No Long Hair Was Accepted for Boys

Nowadays it is no longer frowned upon for teenage boys to sport medium-length or long hair but in the 1950s this was unacceptable for boys and young men. This was still a conservative era for the Western world after World War II, and boys were expected to wear masculine hairstyles that did not blur gender differences.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE