Bridesmaid Dress Patterns


If you are a bride but you decided to have a talented relative sew your bridesmaid dresses, you are probably wondering which bridesmaid dress patterns are the best for your wedding theme and that best suits the bridesmaids’ figures. You should sit with the bridesmaids at least a year before the wedding to discuss their dresses and that you are having someone sew their dresses. You and the bridesmaids can look over different patterns to determine which one everyone can agree on. Ultimately it is about what you want for the bridesmaids. Here are some tips on bridesmaid dresses.

Start With An Understanding of Basic Bridesmaid Dress Patterns

Before you experiment with the diverse styles of bridesmaid dress patterns, you want to consider the basic bridesmaid dress patterns then build on those. There is the junior bridesmaid dress and this is tailored for teenage girls or petite young women. Then there is the adult sized bridesmaid dress pattern and if you have an expectant mother as a bridesmaid, you would look for a maternity dress pattern. Finally, there is the dress pattern for plus sized women.






Where Can I Find Bridesmaid Dress Patterns?

The best way to find bridesmaid dress patterns is on credible sewing websites that sell or give advice on bridesmaid dress patterns. Look through the different bridesmaid dress patterns and print out the ones that you think may flatter the bridesmaids’ figures. Then show the patterns to the bridesmaids before you meet with the dressmaker. Another idea is to read a few pattern books at clothing or fabric stores.

One Shoulder Dress Patterns

These are great bridesmaid dress ideas because they have a simple elegance to them. As for the color of the one-shoulder dress patterns, the color should match the themes of your wedding. Before you pay for the one shoulder dresses, you should have the bridesmaids try on the dresses to see if they fit properly.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE