Bridesmaid Dress Patterns


Empire Waist Dresses

If all of the bridesmaids are full-figured, you can look at empire waist bridesmaid dress patterns because these dresses accentuate the bridesmaids’ curves. Another idea is to have all of the bridesmaids wear a shawl over the dress for a classy look at the wedding.

1960s Bridesmaid Dress Patterns

If you have a retro wedding based on the 60s, you can go online and look at a few 60s bridesmaid dress patterns. In the 1960s bridesmaids wore two tone formal dresses and at times they wore either the A line dress or empire waist dress, which is back in style. Some bridesmaids wore bows with their dresses and as for sleeves, many bridesmaid dresses in the 60s had no sleeves but some had medium-length sleeves.


Custom made bridesmaid dresses are great to have your bridesmaids wear because they are uniquely designed to suit their shapes and they fit the bridesmaids’ personality while still fitting in with your wedding theme. Finally, these dresses are beautiful.