Britney Spears New Fragrance 2013


Britney Spears has made a new fragrance to be added to her fantasy line. This is a scent that really captures the beauty and essence in a tropical paradise.

This new scent is about to come out – it’s called Britney Spears’ Island Fantasy and many fans and fragrance users are excited about it coming out. The EDT has been inspired by the warmth of the spring and summer time and the calm ocean that tends to resign in tropical areas. The result of this fragrance is perfect for summer, and it really does feel as if the scent has captured a tropical paradise.

1. Info

Although Britney Spears isn’t a notice when it comes to creating perfume, she has done it again. She has launched a significant amount of scents throughout her career that have been extremely successful with fans and with women in general. Some of the other scents were Fantasy, Hidden Fantasy, Circus Fantasy and midnight fantasy.





This new fragrance has been created so that you can enjoy it all day and all night. It will stay on without wearing off, and it isn’t too overwhelming; it’s perfect for a day of shopping and relaxing in the sun or for a night out on the town. This is perfect for a hot summer day because when fragrances are too strong in the heat they tend to be far too overbearing. For daytime use, Britney Spears’ Island Fantasy 2013 is fitting, and it will help to lift your mood as well.

2. More

This is great if you plan on going on a date with your boyfriend or your husband because it evokes ‘deep desire,’ which is why the word fantasy is often, incorporated in her perfume titles. The blends that are mixed together in this are fresh citrus, culminates, citrus scents, exotic blends and floral notes that you may notice such as freesia, violets and Jasmine.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE