How You Can Easily Make Sweater Slipper Boots



DrawingsUnderTheTable’s Jen had the wonderful idea of producing a pair of slipper boots from an old sweater. You will not experience any cold at home with some cute slippers, provided some items are used and you follow the necessary steps.

These are the items needed:

– scissors;
– old sweater;
– needle;
– pins;
– yarn;
– pencil;
– cardboard;

Slipper Boots






The shape of your boots should be drawn on the cardboard, after which the pieces should be cut out. They should be placed on the body-area of the sweater, and the pieces fore-soles should be cut out. The foot should be stuck into the sleeve of the sweater through the opening at the wrist, and you should ensure that the boot has the right length.


Image Source: alldaychic

Snip around the foot, and the soles should be taken and connected to the leg pieces with pins. You should start to sew from the top (the place of the toes), and it is a good idea applying your own sewing technique or the one shown in the images. The first thing to do is to pass the needle through both fabric layers, after which the yarn will be pulled through until you have only a small loop left. Then, your needle should be brought back down through the loop, with the yarn pulled tight.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE