How You Can Easily Remove Belly Fat Within 10 Minutes



We all have busy schedules and sometimes it is difficult to get in thirty minutes or an hour of exercise. Well, thanks to the 10 minute exercise workout by trainer Mike Geary, you can exercise for ten minutes each day, and you do not have to stick to the same exercises each day. One day, you can do five minutes each of kickboxing and dancing and on the next day you can go walking and go jogging within ten minutes. Here are a few ten minute workouts based on Mike Cleary’s 10 minute workouts.

Resistance Training

It is possible to complete resistance training in ten minutes and one such exercise is pushups that you can do on the wall.

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To do this exercise, you start by putting your hands on the wall and then after doing this you would move your toes in an upright position while still having your hands on the wall. Another good exercise for resistance training is squats, and you can also do leg lifts using your chair or a table. Some people use resistance bands for this kind of workout.

Walking Up And Down The Stairs

This is an exercise you can do in ten minutes and you can walk as slowly or as quickly as possible on the stairs. You can do a ten minute walk up and down the stairs in the morning and then repeat this exercise in the late evening hours after dinner and dessert. When walking up the stairs, make sure you have water on hand to stay hydrated.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE