How You Can Make Galaxy Shoes Yourself


One of the best projects you could do yourself is giving your shoes a stylish note, with galaxy shoes being the result.


These are the things you need:

– textile paint in fun and different colors (blue, purple, pink, etc.);
– canvas shoes;
– sponge;
masking tape;
– waterproof spray;
– Mod Podge – helps to make the paint to be sealed in (optional);
– glitter paint;







The shoe should be prepared by wrapping the white parts using masking tape to have a very good look at the end.


Image Source: alldaychic

The painting should be started in the form of what is considered to be what a galaxy looks like: navy blue paint should be applied with the sponge, after which pink and purple paint will follow, with the same sponge used. After the pain dries, some glitter can be sprayed over the shoe, making it to shine like stars. Finally, Mod Podge should be applied all over the shoe to seal the paint, and waterproof spray applied. After drying, the tape should be removed.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE