Can You Pick The Egg From A Free Range Chicken?



How do you like your eggs? I like mine poached. And hollandaise sauce is a must. No matter what style we prefer we all like them fresh. And there is a difference between store bought and free range. YouTube user Bevyh1 has a video that shows the difference in eggs and I think you will like it/be surprised. What makes these eggs different? It’s in the lifestyles of the chickens.

Not everyone buys into this theory but it’s good to have all the info before you make a decision. Knowledge is power. This video shows the difference in yolks. It’s really interesting to see. It certainly looks like free range chickens eggs are healthier for you and taste better.

I think I want the eggs but I don’t want to have chickens in the backyard. Yes, the coops are cute but the chickens are messy. As if the dogs haven’t messed it up enough!

Here’s the video… Enjoy!

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