Eat More Whole Grains

Studies have shown that people who eat plenty of whole grains have less cellulite on their legs than people who eat hardly any complex carbs at all.

Moreover, whole grains also do a grand job at preventing belly fat, too.

There really is no excuse in 2016 not to eat more whole grains. More and more of us are now health conscious and we’re very aware of what we’re eating. Supermarkets have reflected the change in our eating habits by stocking up on more whole grains.

Whole-wheat bread should be a key part of your diet, too. Rich in fibre, it will leave you feeling full for longer.

Eat Appetisers

When hunger starts to really gnaw at our stomachs, we want to eat everything in the house. To take the edge off hunger so that you don’t overeat, you should opt for an appetiser before your main meal.

Picking at a few vegetables satisfies both your brain and your stomach so that you invariably eat less. Opt for vegetables rich in fibre, and opt for a big portion so that your brain gets tricked into thinking you’re actually eating a lot of food.

Get Over Your Fear Of Fat

When I tell people who are trying to lose belly fat and cellulite to get over their fat phobia, they look at me as though I’m a scary demon.

“But … but … fat is evil! It must be defeated!” they contest.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE