Look, there are two types of fats:

Good fats
Bad fats
If you’re to eliminate cellulite, you need to eat more good fats, such as the kind you’ll find in olive oil, avocado, nuts and seeds.

You need these fats because, as well as adding some much-needed flavour to your diet, they also help you to feel full for longer. Eating avocado on toast for breakfast is a good idea because it keeps you nicely satisfied without adding weight.

However, it’s important that good fats are never the main attraction. Just use them as condiments and you’ll be a-okay.

Cheat Properly

Do you know how to cheat? Far too many of us don’t.

Cheat-day is an important part of anyone’s weight loss regime. Without it, many women would find it hard to stay motivated.

But for some, cheat day becomes a cheat party that spills over into cheat week. Not cool.

A cheat day is not meant to be a free-for-all where you literally eat whatever the heck you want. It isn’t supposed to be like that. If it is, you could easily undo all your week’s hard work in just a few plates.

Don’t splurge for a whole day. Cheat – but take it easy. Treat yourself but never too much. Don’t rob the calorie bank. Just take out a small loan.

Don’t Overdo It With The Flavours

Did you know that too many aromas and tastes sizzling away in your pan can actually instigate the production of hormones that ramp up your hunger from 2 to 10?

Think back to the times you’ve eaten in a restaurant. When you first sat down at a table, perhaps you weren’t all that hungry. But as soon as the succulent smell of food drifted up your nostrils, your appetite was catalysed and you wanted to eat ALL the food.

Smells will do this to you, and this is why it’s important that you don’t cook with too many spices. Use one bold, hot flavour that makes the dish standout.

Stay happy and healthy!