Cat Eye Makeup


Try this beautiful makeup, which is fitting for a day look or an evening look. You can learn to perfect this style easily, and it will bring instant glam to any outfit and any cosmetic colors.

Getting this classy yet sophisticated cat eye makeup look can be a little difficult – but, with the use of the right products, you can pull it off. When it is combined with a smoky eye look the best results are obtained.

1. Smoky Eye Makeup: Must Have Cat Eyes

The best tool to use for cat eye makeup is liquid eyeliner, not a regular one. This is going to allow for a lot more precision. You will also need Q tips which will make it easy to remove any spots that are out of line.

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This is definitely a technique that is going to need a steady hand and you should be in a spot where you can rest your arm comfortably if needed. You will put the eyeliner on first before applying the rest of the eye shadow.

2. How  Cat  Eye  Makeup  for  the  Daytime is Done

For a day look you’re going to want to go for a look that’s a little bit more conservative. The cat eye makeup should be started by brushing the lashes at the very eye’s inner corner. Small strokes should be used toward the beginning, while the line can be thickened later. At the end of the lashes, you should stop; then tail at the opposite end. Unite the two lines at the corner of your eye for best results.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE

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