8 Celeb Marriages that Work


Inspiring Marriages

It seems that all celebrity marriages are up for grabs. Even the cute couples like Heidi and Seal can find themselves on the chopping block. The truth is, the number probably isn’t that shocking when compared to households where both parents have high-powered jobs. Marriage is a partnership and often it is all about balance. There are celebrity couples who seem quite capable of that balance. Here are just a few marriages that will inspire you.

1.Sarah Jessica and Matthew

This marriage is one that survives New York and seems to have the perfect balance of the fancy and the neat. Sarah loves to stay in at night and Matthew loves to be out working Broadway. They have their dates, their family and their love of all things intellectual.

2.Kevin and Kyra

These two are the epitome of balance. It seems as though when one is front and center on TV the other is doing movies. They support and love each other and are great advocates for nature.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE

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