Chevron Nail Art Tutorial


Making your own chevron nail design doesn’t have to be complicated and this tutorial will show you exactly how to do it. You can choose the colors you prefer or use those we suggest below that involve bright, fun colors. All that is required is special attention but before you know it, you will have beautiful nails featuring a chevron design.
What you Need:
• Nail Polish – white, turquoise (or mint green), silver & black, special decoration pencil, and base coat.
• Some nail glitter

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What to Do:

Image Source: alldaychic
1. First apply the base coat to your nails, followed by the white nail polish, letting them dry completely. (A second coat of white can be applied if needed.)
2. Using the special thin pencil, take the silver polish and create a vertical line in the middle of your nail, followed by four parallel v-shaped lines (see photo).
3. In the first V, the tip of the nail, add some black nail polish followed by a little glitter.
4. In the second V, apply turquoise.
5. Leave the third V as it is; white.
6. In the last V, apply silver nail polish, followed by some glitter.
7. Lastly, it’s time to finish this pattern using black nail polish over the original lines.