Choose the Most Flattering Eye Shadow for Your Eye Color


Eye shadow is a popular makeup accessory for fashionable girls everywhere. It is applied under the eyebrow on the eyelid. It should be used to accent the natural shape and color of the eye and create a more stylish or alluring look. Eye shadow also creates the illusion of a larger eye, which is always attractive.

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There are many types of eye shadow on the market: caked powder, liquid, pencil or mousse that come in a rainbow of different shades. With all the different application methods, each woman can create a unique look and style all her own. However, there are certain colors that accent different colors of eyes better than others. The idea is to reimagine the natural shadows and contours in the eye area. Never attempt to use the same eye shadow color as your shirt.

Eye Shadow

Choose the perfect tone of eye shadow to compliment your eye color. The right color will make your eyes even more beautiful than ever.

Brown eyes are neutral colored and can therefore look wonderful with a large range of different eye shadow colors.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE

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