Choose the Perfect Nail Polish Color for Your Skin


Fair Skin Tone
Anything besides green and straight orange look great on women with fair skin tone. Be aware of the cool or warm cast to your complexion to choose the right shades.
Tan Skin Tone
Neutrals look washed out on tanned skin, so select nail polishes in brighter colors to provide contrast. Matching skin tone is not recommended here.
Medium or Olive Skin Tone
Shades of peach and orange with golden tons are a perfect complement to olive-skinned women or those with a medium skin tone.

Nail Polish Color for Your Skin
Nail Polish Color for Your Skin

Image Source: alldaychic
Dark Skin Tone
Women with dark skin should not use either very dark browns or very pale colors as they do not blend successfully with their skin tone. Stronger, brighter colors are perfect like red, deep rose tones and fun colors like hunter green and dark blue.