Colorful Eye Makeup


A makeup, if done in the right way, makes any woman to look glamorous and irresistible. There are different makeup looks depend on the occasion, but if you want to draw attention, the colorful eye makeup is what should be considered. The tips below will help you to look good, feminist and dramatic.

The Color of the Eyes

The color of your eyes should be the first factor to be considered before making a colorful eye makeup. This produces the right combination for any outing, whether informal or casual.

Blue Eyes

The right eyeshadow should be picked for your blue eyes.


For an office environment, brown, rose, terracotta and neutral eyeshadow shades are good, with the purple eyeshadow bringing out the beauty of your eyes. While the deep plum is ideal for the evening, lavender would work for daytime, and before going out at night, gold or silver metallics could be considered.

Colorful Eye Makeup
Colorful Eye Makeup

Image Source: stylecraze

Dark blue mascara is good for the smoky look when going out at night, especially if you pair it with smudged charcoal eyeliner. Charcoal gray or purple shadow is good for the smoky eye makeup. In addition to the winged or cat-eye eyeliner looking good with blue eyes, a barely-winged, subtle look is ideal for everyday wear.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE