Concealer/Foundation Makeup


How can the right texture be found?
Originally, textured concealer should match the type of skin.

• Light liquid products without oil content in their composition are best used on oily skin.
• If your skin often becomes red, irritated, and/or inflamed, then antibacterial concealers without a drying effect are best.
• Dry skin is constantly in immediate need of cream, moisturizing concealers.
• Air textured concealer provides a very light invisible film onto the face, which is best used for wrinkly skin.

How should concealer be applied?

• There are special brushes for concealer made from synthetic materials. These types of brushes are able to apply an agent effortlessly, even on “difficult” areas of the skin, such as: near the nasal wings or inner corners of the eyes.

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• Concealer should be utilized if the skin is too oily; application by fingers will only cause an increase in already high levels of oil.
• For dry skin concealer, application by hands is okay and the best distribution on the skin should be aimed for.

When should concealer be applied?
This question, whether to apply concealer before or after the foundation, is common among many women. The answer is quite simple: when matching color tone concealer with a tonal framework, it is applied either before or after the foundation; if concealer is different from color tone, it should be applied to the use of tonal basis.

It’s also beneficial to use concealer as a highlighter, as it contains lighting reflecting particles, and it should be applied onto the foundation rather than under (otherwise it will have no effect).
What problems can be solved by means of masking?

Foundation makeup
Foundation makeup


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Problem: dark circles under eyes
Wrong decision: putting too light concealer

Correct solution: use peach or salmon shade concealer. When masking dark circles with a light toned concealer, it’s best to not abuse or overuse it; otherwise the eye will manifest white circles (not helping you one bit). If concealer with warm tones is used, it’s possible to completely neutralize the darkness under your eyes.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE