Cool Hair Colors in 2014




Coloring hair has become a trend in 2014 among women in particular. They regard it as a fashion to transform the look of the hair into a new one. There are cool hair colors that are often applied to change the color of the hair. These colors, unfortunately, do not fit every woman with any skin tone. There are some suitable skin tones that match with these cool hair colors in 2014.

Image Source: pophaircuts

Having said that, start by analyzing your skin tone first to see which color can fit well for coloring your hair. The current color of the hair is the determining factor that which cool hair colors are suitable for your hair. If, for example, you are medium brown in color from birth, then a light brown could be your cool hair color that matches your natural color. A dark blonde or dark brown can also fit.

Cool Hair Colors

The skin tone also counts when coming to cool hair colors. There are warm tones and cool tones. Cool hair colors are for those who have cool skin tones. These cool colors are often in the blue or violet category. The colors may be fit for a variety of skin tones such as rosy skin, fair skin, and dark to black skin.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE