Correct Makeup: Layer by Layer


Third Layer. Face Serum.
Lots o people think that serum is an unnecessary product and they don’t understand how to use it in the daytime. The serum is not a moisturizing cream, this is a product made of concentrated active ingredients. It can be regarded as multivitamins for the face. The serum can breathe in life and energy into the skin and improve the work of the moisturizing cream.
In addition to that, the serum increases collagen production and helps preventing fine lines. Applying the serum all over your face is not necessary, it would be enough to only use it the areas that are very dry, as well as on the zones of “crow’s feet” and mimic wrinkles. There are certain types of serums to be used for fighting the puffiness or swelling around the eyes and, therefore, they have to be applied under the eyes.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE