Correct Makeup: Layer by Layer


Forth Layer. Moisturizing Cream.
Even if you have an oily or combination skin, moisturizing is still an important part of every skin care routine. It helps preventing hyperpigmentation, dryness and protects the skin from harmful environmental influences. To achieve having a glowing skin try to use light formulas of the creams with hyaluronic acid, antioxidants, and vitamins. Cream gel is an excellent option for those who don’t really like having that oily feeling on their face.

Correct Makeup
Correct Makeup

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Fifths Layer. Sunscreen.
Do not go outside without applying a cream with SPF, even if you’re going to the office and your moisturizer already has a sunscreen filter. This double protection will pay off in future, as you will look younger than your peers. In order to not clog the pores, find a light and oil-free version of the cream or lotion.
Now you’ve done all preparation before the makeup application so you can proceed to it. By the way, the makeup itself includes more than one layer as well.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE