Craft a Cute Throw Rug from Throw Away Bath Towels


After bath towels wear out, many people keep them around in case they are useful for rags or other jobs around the house. Instead of using them once and then throwing them away, why not up cycling them into a cute throw rug that would be perfect for the bathroom, bedroom or any other room in your house? This video by Marianne was featured on HGTV Handmade and helps you transform towels you thought were unusable into a great decorator accent.


All you have to do to make this fun throw rug is follow these simple directions:

1 – Cut the old towels into 1 inch wide strips. 13 strips are used in the project on the video.
2 – Sew three strips of different colors together at their ends.
3 – Secure the sewn and braid these three strips. As you work, try to fold the raw edges of the cut towel to the center so they don’t show up or fray.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE