Craft a Unique Chain and Rope Bracelet


Chunky chain bracelets are all the rage with girls and young women these days, especially among those who like to push the boundaries of conventional fashion. While you can get a basic rope braid bracelet or one that is a simple chain, why not combine the two looks into this truly unique accessory? They are easy to make in a multitude of colors for all your outfits and also make great gifts for your friends. These unique chain and rope bracelets make fabulous, colorful accent pieces that will really make your outfit interesting.

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There are many ways to braid a rope and chain bracelet, but all of them require the same basic materials:

Rope Bracelet
Rope Bracelet

Image Source: fashiondivadesign

a metallic chain bracelet, leather or cloth cord in your choice of colors, some bobby pins to secure the project as you work on it, a clasp close the bracelet around your wrist and a pair of sharp scissors.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE