Create a Perfect Cat Eye


1. To create a smooth line your hand shouldn’t be suspended, that is the elbow should rest on a hard surface. If you follow this rule, then the line will be more subtle and precise.

2. It’s recommended to apply liner after eye shadow, but before applying mascara. To make eye shadow last all day, use eye shadow primer beforehand. If you don’t plan to apply eye shadow, you can just lightly powder your eyelids before applying makeup. Eye shadows and powder control the oiliness of the eyelid’s skin, level the surface and increase the adhesion of products – as a result, lines are sharper and more long lasting.

3. When applying eyeliner, don’t draw the whole line at once. First, place dots or streaks just above the lash line at the same distance from each other. Then connect the dots or streaks that you drew.





Be careful not to connect the dots in one motion of the brush but do this in a few short strokes. You can also use pencil eyeliner (shade shouldn’t be too dark) for drawing lines on both eyes. Adjust the pencil line as long as necessary for results to be completely satisfactory. Afterwards, trace the line with liquid eyeliner.

Perfect Cat Eye
Perfect Cat Eye

Image Source: imgarcade

4. If gaps between strokes or eyelashes are visible at the top or the bottom of the line, fix your hand and draw a thin line along the edge of the one already drawn to straighten it. When drawing lines, always make sure that there are no gaps between the line and the lashes – otherwise the line can look messy.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE