How to Create a Stylish T Shirt to Give a Fashionable Look


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However[/p2p], you should be aware that the shirt’s front ends up at the shirt’s back and the back will be the shirt’s front. This needs to be made because of the need for the neckline to be high enough to be easily draped by the cowl neck effect. After modifying the shirt, go ahead to work on the sleeves!
With about 1/6 inch of the material pinch, it should be sewn horizontally (straight line), to the end of the sleeves from the start of the neckline. Around 17 lines should be made in the front and at the back, 16 lines. There is no need for the back to be done if the shirt’s neckline fits. Between the rows, the distance is approximately ½ inch.

The procedure should be repeated for the other sleeve, and to prevent having sleeves sticking out straight on your shoulders, their end should be gathered by sewing on stitch length 5, pulled together for a “curved, round” aspect. The same procedure should be applied on the shirt’s right side, but you should get longer per line successively, as the center of the shirt is the longest row, with a row after the other being 1/3 inches shorter or longer.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE