Criticism of Celebs without Makeup


If you want any popular show created by the paparazzi, one of the stories they cover is celebs without makeup. The question is why is this became such a big deal in the world of Hollywood? The answer to that is complex, but the short version is we see celebrities in movies, and doing photo shoots and so forth. But we rarely see celebs without makeup and a lot of the time they do not look how we think they look. There is usually a massive amount of makeup applied to celebrity’s males and females alike.

Why is seeing Celebs without Makeup so Interesting?

There is a certain stigma attached to celebrities. Whenever you see celebrities, they have this beautiful appearance that everyone seems to admire. What many people don’t realize is that celebrities look completely different when they are not wearing makeup.

Celebs without Makeup
Celebs without Makeup


Image Source: wetpaint

This is the reason people are so interested in seeing celebs without makeup. Everyone has this image of beauty that we associate with celebrities; people do not seem to realize that a lot of it is layers of makeup and special camera filters. If you do a search on the internet of celebs without makeup, you will literally get pages of people who have pictures of celebrities without their makeup on. We as a nation have become obsessed over the idea of beauty, and we take our cues from the things we see on T.V. and in movies. It is causing a problem with confidence among today’s female and male youth.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE