Curly Hairstyles for Short Hair



Curly Hairstyles for Short Hair

If you have curly short hair, there are several ways you can look fabulous and classy at the same time. One good hairstyle to wear is the curly bob and you can do this hairstyle yourself or have the hairdresser do the style for you. Your curly bob will look like tight curls all over the top and back sections of your head and if they fall, you can get the hair curly again by putting in bobby pins and letting them sit in for twenty minutes.

The Messy Curly Look

This is similar to the curly bob but you will have the effect of someone who got out of bed before styling her hair. To achieve the messy curly look, you should wash your hair as normal then put a generous amount of volumizing mousse in your hair. Once you do this you would blow dry your hair and then tease your hair for ten minutes.

Straw Set

This is a neat hairstyle for those with short curly hair. To achieve this look, you would wash your hair then part your hair in sections while applying moisturizer to your hair. Then you will put drinking straws around your hair then sit under the dryer for thirty minutes to an hour.

Layered Haircuts

The layered cut is ideal for those with short and curly hair and one such cut is the shag hairstyle. This hairstyle involves layers and it dates back to the 1970s. Another good layered cut is the curly pixie cut while others may decide to wear the cropped cut where the ends of your hair are cut unevenly.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE