Dating Advice from Men: Unintentional Acts That Drive Men Away


You might have the face and body of a goddess, the hair and makeup of a movie star, the fashionable attire of a runway model and the pure heart of a fairy tale princess . . . so why do men avoid you like the plague? It could be that your body language, facial expressions and demeanor are sending out a warning to stay away.

Never forget that a man’s number one concern in approaching a woman is his fear of rejection. Beauty is captivating from afar, but it is a woman’s approachability that makes a man feel safe.

You need to have a welcoming vibe if you want him to be willing to risk making an approach. Here’s dating advice for women, from a man’s point of view:

Dress, walk, act and think like a woman.

You go through an hour or more of preparation just to leave the house. You shower, do your hair, put on your makeup, pick out the perfect outfit to wear and obsess over the proper way to accessorize — not to mention you spent an hour and a half doing your nails last night. Then you primp in the mirror until everything is just right.

Make sure you don’t become a work of art that has no soul.

I know it’s a lot to ask, considering all you’ve already gone through, but now you have to be happy and pleasant. A woman’s “don’t bother me” vibes are unintentional, so you have to pay attention to everything.