Daytime Makeup Rules



The daytime makeup should be carefully considered if you need to always go out during the day – in fact, this is the situation for most people today. The daytime makeup should be turned into sultry night makeup, and what you only need to do is add metallic bronze, gold, copper or silver eyeliner, combined with your lips, and along your lash lines, topped with matching eyeshadow. With the eyeshadow, the position of the eyeliner will always be maintained to give you a smoldering, softer look. After that, a light dusting of powder should be applied to the face to absorb shine.

The Foundation

The foundation must be the one which lasts longer, and for this to take place, your face must be dusted using loose, translucent powder.






The powder sets any concealer and the foundation, with a cream blush layered underneath a powder blush. This is the case with shadow because an eye shadow base or a cream shadow is applied underneath your shadow. The base or shadow adheres and shows up a lot better than just using the eye shadow.

The Real You

Daytime Makeup
Daytime Makeup

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Your natural coloring, hair color and age are the things you need to consider as well. You should consider your daily activities. For instance, does your job involve spending a lot of time in the sun? if this is the case, you need to use an eye pencil, mascara, eye shadow, blush and lipstick. However, you do not need a lot of options if you are always indoors during the day.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE