Dealing With Acne As An Adult


Having skin problems, such as acne, is awful; no matter how old are you. Regardless of your gender, dealing with visible zits or pimples will always be tiring and mentally draining. When you were a teen, though, you held onto this hope: that once your puberty is over or when you turn 20-ish, you’ll be free from the nightmare that goes by the name ‘acne’. So you hoped and waited.

Until one day you realized, that you’re almost 30 and your skin does not clear up.

Panic ensues. When will this stop? When I turn 70? Or 80? Truth is, no one knows! Having adult acne is awful since your tiny hope of having flawless skin is now crushed and you’re stuck with this stress-inducing skin condition; pretty much for the rest of your life.

And what’s even more stressful is that your acne seems to be having its own mind. And it intends to torture you mercilessly. You wake up to a perfect skin for a day; then boom, you’re getting a huge zit right a day before your sister’s wedding.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE