Difficulties When Doing Your Own Nails

Source: youtube

Painting your own nails is definitely a good way to look trendy while being on budget.
On the other hand, getting your nails done at a nail salon would drain your wallet; but the question now, is it really worth it to get it done professionally?
Many who feel spending $25 for a manicure isn’t necessary, and thus, DIY manicure seems to be plausible option. If you are one of many who feel this way, you would relate to these struggles of self-manicure.

1. You can’t choose which color you should be using

If you’re a nail polish maniac, having an extensive collection of nail polish is a must. But then when you have to choose your nail color, you just can’t decide!

2. Sticky nail polish

Having hundreds of nail polishes isn’t always nice, especially if your nail polish then turn sticky and dry. Not only that, the brush on the applicator sticks out all over the place and your dream of a perfect manicure is over.

3. Broken nails

Your nail’s length varies from one finger to another and you just can’t decide if you should let the short one grow or cut the longer one.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE