DIY Beautiful Rainbow Roses



Every woman loves roses, and while yellow roses may mean friendship and red roses mean romance, fees rainbow hued roses mean that you took the time to complete this easy do it yourself project just for her. These customized blooms never come out the same way and can create a truly unique bouquet for that special someone.


Rainbow Roses


• Sharp knife or scissors
• 4 cups or glasses
• Water
• Bright food coloring
• White roses…







Select white roses that are just starting to bloom as they will take the color more completely than those that are already in the full bloom. Of course, darker colored roses will not show of the different colors up as well as white roses, although you could use pale yellow or pale pink as well.

Image Source: handmade-ideas

Trim up all of the stems of the roses so they are the length you want the finished flower to be. Cutting off the old ends also helps the roses take up the colored water more easily. Next, cut the bottom of each stem in four different pieces. You should split each stem up until it is no less than 3 cm away from the actual rose blossom. If you only have three colors of food coloring to use, only cut the stem in three parts. You can make two colored roses as well if you just split the stands in half.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE