The DIY Tips for perfect shaped eyebrows



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Have The Eyebrows Waxed Occasionally

There is nothing wrong Post to Post Links II error: No post found with slug "get-the-look-the-moon-manicure-with-gold-leaf" using tweezers to get beautifully shaped eyebrows but sometimes you can have a professional wax your eyebrows because the results of waxing often last longer than traditional tweezing methods. This is because as the wax is applied and as the professional uses strips to take hairs out your follicles, it takes longer for the eyebrow hairs to grow back.

Watch Online Video Tutorials

If you are shaping your eyebrows for the first time, you can watch a few online video tutorials that feature experienced beauticians showing people the correct way to tweeze and shape eyebrows. Take notes while watching the videos and practice on a regular basis.


When learning to properly shape your eyebrows, give yourself patience as it takes time to do this. Ask your mother and other female relatives for pointers and be sure not to go overboard in tweezing the eyebrows. To add the wow factor to your newly shaped brows, add eyebrow tint to them in colors black, navy blue or dark brown. Read about different eyebrow shapes and experiment with them regularly. Finally, enjoy your tweezing experience and the compliments you receive as the result of the beautiful brows.